Happy Clients

«My daughter Océane has come back home last night after spending three months in the US (Tennessee). I wanted to thank you for your efficiency and responsiveness which helped us prepare her trip.»

(père d’Océane)

« I just came back to France after spending one year in New York ; and I would have been lost if you would have not been there, so thank you! Thank you for your responsiveness on a daily basis, it is reassuring to supported and guided. Thank you for the rapidity in the process to obtain the visa and for your useful advices about life in the U.S. My experience would not have not been as beautiful without your follow-up and your help. See you soon.»


«It’s done, I have my visa! Thank you very much anyway for your support! It’s true that you were great in the preparation and follow-up of my application! And I very sincerely thank you for it! The only thing left to do is get on the plane!»

Joanne PINEL

«I wish to thank the Parenthèse team for their efficiency and quick turn-around in addressing my questions and concerns, as well as for their friendliness. My internship was a beautiful opportunity, thanks to you. Thank you again for this wonderful experience, the USA has never been that accessible!»


I would like to highlight Parenthèse’s professionalism which helped me obtain my J-1 visa despite the mishaps with the US Embassy. Parenthèse helped me throughout the whole process, until I had the DS-2019 and visa in hand. Working during 4 months in this club has been fantastic [...]. I injured my tibia in an accident. The medical bill ended up being $995. Thanks to Parenthèse and the insurance included in the program, everything was covered...

Ismaël SILUE

«It is my utmost pleasure to come back to you and share the great news: my visa has been approved!!! I am so happy. Thank you very much for all your assistance throughout the process. I truly appreciated your patience and professionalism.»


"I really wanted to thank you for your help and for your fast and efficient answers. I wanted to inform you that I have received my visa. All I need to do now is to get on that flight!"


Yesterday morning I had my appointment at the US Embassy, everything went well and my visa has been granted [...] You have answered all of my questions and doubts, very rapidly and with clear answers.I could only recommend you to all my friends if needed. I wish you a good continuation and hopefully we will be in touch for a future internship


My Embassy appointment went well. The Consular Officer confirmed my visa was granted and that I should receive it within 3-4 days. Thank you very much for your help and patience throughout the process. I am very grateful for this. It is time for me now to purchase my flight ticket and prepare my trip. Thank you again and talk to you soon 🙂

Danielle MBASSA

I sincerely want to thank Parenthese not only for their guidance throughout all necessary steps to get my visa but also for the friendly and extremely professional service which they expressed at the very start to help me find an internship in accordance with my studies. Excellence is their watchword and this was realized through personalized monitoring, speed in trade, transparency in services offered and the prices...

Jérémy SIMAH

I just came back from my Embassy appointment. The Embassy Officer confirmed that my visa has been granted; I will receive it in 2-3 days. I wanted to thank you for your availability, the quality of your services and the rapidity of the whole process. I have been told that your agency was the best and here is the confirmation. One of my schoolmates is going to do the visa process in order to do an internship in the US in January 2014, I have not hesitated one second and advised him to go through "Parenthese"!


I really wanted to thank you for your efficiency, your rapidity and availability with someone as stressed out as I was for the visa. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to all the people who must complete an internship in the US.

Apolline IMBS

I wanted to inform you that I have received my J-1 visa last Saturday (received within 24h!). Thank you for your help and follow-up on my application.


Good news! I had my Embassy appointment this morning and everything went fine. I will receive my visa within a couple of days and I will leave next week to New York as planned. I wanted to thank all Parenthese team, I realize that my application has been complicated because of the missing documents, delays to send them, etc. But we made it! I will make sure to send you a postcard as soon as I arrive!


Two months prior my departure date, I had not started anything for my visa process… panic! Parenthèse has really been efficient! So thank you again for your professionalism. I will not hesitate to contact Parenthèse again for a future internship in the US, I will not hesitate either to recommend Parenthese to other students from my school.

Gwladys ARTUS

My US Embassy interview took place yesterday and received my visa this morning. As a perfume creator it was difficult for me to find a sponsor and I even had two refuse my application. Parenthese answered all of my questions and accepted my application with a record turn around time. Thank you for your professionalism and support.


I just wanted to let you know that my interview at the embassy went well and today I received my passport and visa. So, Thank you for your help.

Ermira MUCA

I just wanted to let you know that everything went well during my USEmbassy interview and my visa has been granted. Thank you once again for your professionalism during the entire process!


I have just got my appointment at the US embassy and everything went well. I didn’t expect to finish it so quickly. My appointment was at 9AM , I arrived at 8:40 and I got out at 9:20. They told me that I would receive my passport and visa within 3 to 4 days. So thank you for all of your advice and I will let you know when I receive my visa.


Bravo! You are incredibly efficient!

Sylvain REBOUL

My visa has been granted and I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance during the visa process. The entire team and services are very competent and I recommend them to students who wish to train in the US. As for me, my plane takes off July 5th and I cannot wait to start my internship!

Florian BERTON

I am finally ready to take off for New York! Thank you once again for your assistance and professionalism that you have always shown me. It was a pleasure working with you on my visa application and I will recommend you to all of my classmates.

Mathilde THOREL

I have been in Denver for the past two weeks and everything is going well. Thank you for your efficiency, great sense of humor and kindness.


I see that your team is still prompt and quick with your answers. Congratulations once again on the remarkable work you do for all of us.

Arthur RIO

My US Embassy interview was yesterday morning and received my visa this afternoon. (chronopost was a little late, they lost my package this morning around Alfortville, Roissy and finally it arrived at Rungis !) I had to contact them and fix the problem. Thank you once again and you will see me soon for my next internship.

Stéphanie PURSAD

I received my final pack this morning thank you! I will keep you posted during my trip and thank you once again for your efficiency.


I wanted to take the time to thank you for your help throughout the process. Your team was always very precise with your answers, quick and always available. The administrative process was a lot less complicated thanks to you. I am so pleased with your services that I will recommend them to everyone I meet.

Alice D’HIER

Thank you for the follow up on my application. Your services are perfect.


I just want to inform you that I receive this morning my visa! I am very excited to start this great adventure and I also want to thank all of you because you really did a great job. Even dealing with me, seething with impatience!

Christophe FARNESI

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that everything went well at the Embassy and that I received my visa. I leave Thursday for New York ! Thank you for all of your work, your availability and your kindness, which were all very much appreciated. Good luck for the future and thank you again!

Stéphanie DENNIG

Another big thank you to Parenthese and the entire team for all of their help during the visa process. Despite all of the complex administrative procedures, everything went smoothly; my internship in the USA has been very interesting and the last six months in the United States have been extraordinary. I will participate in this program again, with Parenthese of course!


Thank you for your help! I had my US Embassy interview and everything went well. I also wanted to thank you for your follow up all throughout the process; you helped me at each step along the way. Your explanations were very clear and made the visa process seem easy.


Thank you for the help you provided during the visa process. I leave for New York tomorrow and I am very happy!


I just spent the weekend in Paris. I had my US Embassy appointment and received my visa this morning. I wanted to thank you for your work and efficiency all throughout the last month. Congratulations !! Again, a big thank you to the entire Parenthese team!


I wanted to thank you for your efficiency, your professionalism and also for having answered all of my questions so efficiently. I was boasting about your services during a presentation about Internships in the USA last week – Well-deserved publicity!


I received my visa for my one-year internship in NYC at Inter Parfums. Thank you again for your help and efficient service – I will recommend you to my friends!


I wanted to thank you once again for your professionalism, efficient procedures and fast response time. All these qualities make you a trustworthy company.


Thank you once again, I just got my final pack. You were very efficient and helpful.


Thank you once again for your availability and help during the visa process, while I was in the US and upon my return.

Cassandre AITA

I am pleased to announce that my new life in America is going perfectly. Thank you again for all of your help during the visa process. I was refereed to you by some friends in San Francisco and I am now, in my turn, recommending you to my new friends who would like to jump both feet into a new adventure like I did.


I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and all of the support when I lost my ID and passport.

Fabien BOZZI

Thank you again for how fast you processed my application!

Delphine LANNIEL

I wanted to thank your wonderful team for accompanying Paul-Antoine so well ! You are all extremely efficient but also kind and full of patience ! Today, we know you exist ! His internship is going marvelously well and he is meeting a lot of interesting people.


I have just received my passport with a magnificent Visa in it and this is …thanks to you ! A 1000 thank you for your help. You have always answered my questions with haste and to the point. All this adventure is your making. Once again, an enormous THANK YOU !


I just received my visa today. I am so happy and I really wanted to thank you for your help!


Until now, everything has gone really well! I think it is mainly thanks to you and your hard work: All of the information you have given me and your efficiency in the processing of my application. I am more than happy with your work (I have already recommended you to several of my friends looking for an internship in the USA…). For all of this, once again: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Thank you for your time and thank you for all, because without you I could not have been here in the United States!! Your company is great, always ready to listen, helpful and efficient.

Matthieu PETIT

I wanted to thank you for your reactivity and your professionalism. I was really satisfied by your services which are reassuring when one knows the process and procedures to obtain such a visa!


Thank you very much for the help given during all the process. Just as last year, the team is still great! After 2 visas, and Parentheses’ help each time, I can say that everything is irreproachable! Every year, the procedure is fast, efficient and very simple. Thank you again!

2nd participation

I wanted to thank you again for your kindness and also for being so efficient during all the procedure. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to other students wanting to do an internship in the USA.

Cassandre AITA

I wanted to thank you for everything, especially for your efficiency and your help. Thanks to you, my project went smoothly.

Delphine CHOU

I just received my visa for my internship in the US. I really wanted to thank you for all your help and support.

Youssef EL FAKIH

I wanted you to know that I regularly recommend your services to the people I meet who want to go to the US for an internship/traineeship program. You all show excellent professionalism. Thank you again for all your help this year which has been memorable.


I really wanted to thank all the team for the services to obtain my J-1 visa. Indeed, here I am now in San Francisco since January 1st and I wanted to let you know that I am really thankful for your help and support.

Charles-Basile ROUQUETTE

I wanted to thank the whole team of Parenthese for your rapidity and efficiency. As a matter of fact I have received my Visa this morning, far ahead of my departure on June 30th. Thank you again ! It will be my pleasure to send you a postcard from New York as soon as I arrive. I hope I have the opportunity to work with you again to apply for my Visas for my future internships abroad.


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I found the whole team of Parenthese very professional : you have always been very actively involved, available, reactive and clear. You feel like you are really taken by the hand through the process. The indivisuals working at Parenthese are all concerned with the quality of the program which is pretty rare in France (Americans are the best in this matter !). A huge BRAVO to the whole team for its hard work!

Sandrine BLANES

I wanted to thank you for your help throughout this very often complex Visa procedure Your availability, your ability to listen and your support have contributed to make this process a success in a very efficient way.


Thank you to everyone! You have been really efficient and professional!!!


I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and your help. You have been really helpful in the process to obtain my visa. Bureaucracy is always a headache for me and your help really made things easy. Parenthese is an organization I recommend to everyone, all of you are always ready to listen to each of our question and you showed reactivity and professionalism! Thank you for your help!

Elodie GRAFF

I really wanted to thank you and also let you know that I received my Visa yesterday morning! Thank you once again for you help and most of all for your patience.

Astrid BESSY

I already have a new internship lined up for July 2011 (for 6 months). I will contact you as soon as my application is ready. I have also recommended Parenthese to a large number of students at my school. The quality of your service is excellent.

Julien LEVE

I simply wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you put into my application. My internship is going very well, my employer is very kind and the work here is more then interesting. What more could I ask for?


Thank you so much for your help! Your program is very well organised, I was always up to date on information concerning my application. It is great to know that there are people like you out there who do such an amazing job! The entire team is wonderful!


I just received my visa. A big thank you to all your team for the process follow-up!



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