Airplane ticket

We highly suggest that you contact Travel Voyages with whom we have negotiated preferential conditions adapted to our programs (visa refusal insurance, modifiable tickets at little or no extra cost).

This travel agency centralizes all airline offers via a single standard-rate phone number and you will benefit from their excellent customer service, as demonstrated by their recent management of the 2020 crisis with innumerable refunds and participant repatriations.

You might find their prices to be very slightly higher than those found on the web, but their professionalism and personalized service are well worth the eventual extra pennies! Contact them if you prefer having a real contact person in a real agency rather than going through call centers.

Travel Voyages
31, rue du Languedoc
31000 Toulouse
Tél : 05 62 27 19 28
E-mail :

Should you decide not to go through Travel Voyages, do not book non-modifiable tickets until you have your visa in hand.