Traveling during your program

If you are travelling outside of the U.S. and you plan to re-enter to continue working, you will need specific documentation. The following information is also available on the CIEE website.

Follow these steps for successful travelling in and out of the country.

  • Make sure you are travelling WITHIN the dates on your DS-2019 form. Travel outside of these dates is prohibited, and will prevent you from re-entering the US!
  • Send your DS-2019 form to CIEE at least two weeks prior to your trip using mail that can be tracked (i.e. – Fed Ex). Include a note stating your travel plans, US address, and phone number.
  • INCLUDE a self addressed, PREPAID, TRACKABLE envelope (i.e. Fed Ex). CIEE will use this to send your signed DS form and a letter of «Good Standing».
CIEE adress

300 Fore Street • Portland, ME 04101
Tel: 1 888 268 6245 • Fax: 207 553 5000

Moreover, your place of employment has to be in the United States from start to finish. Any business trip outside the US as part of your work must remain limited and short.

Please note that you cannot spend more than 30 days outside the US while on a J-1 visa and that your CIEE insurance is not valid outside the US.

You must always verify that your J-1 visa is still valid in order to re-enter the United States without any inconvenience.

The 30-day Travel Period

Your J-1 Visa allows you to travel in the US for up to 30 days after your DS end date.

During this travel period, you will not be allowed to travel outside the US. If you leave the US, you will not be readmitted on your J-1 visa, regardless of any connecting flights you must make.

Plan your travels well in advance. Parenthese and CIEE will not be able to endorse or assist you if you attempt to change your visa status and reenter the US as a tourist.