Your Salary & Budget

Most internships in the U.S. are paid. However, you can choose to accept an unpaid offer. There is no restriction or limit to the compensation level and we strongly encourage you to only accept paid internships. It is up to you to negotiate with your employer!

The J-1 visa is mandatory, even if your internship is unpaid.

Do the math : Even if the initial investment (program fees, visa fees and plane ticket) seems high compared to internship opportunities in Europe, you will cover it in a short amount of time.

Our participants are paid between $0 and $15 000 per month with an average of $2 043 per month.

Internship USA program Fee
€1 780
6 months, insurance and SEVIS fees included
Visa Fee
Total Fees
€1 956

The price of your plane ticket ranging from £600 to £1000 (or 800 and 1400 Euros) depending on the season and destination) will have to be added to the total fees above.

It will therefore take you between 6 to 8 weeks to cover your initial investment. 

Negotiate with your employer! Most employers pay for the program fees and might even cover the cost of your plane ticket, given the advantages and savings of hiring an international intern/trainee (health insurance covered by CIEE, exemption of certain taxes). Some employers might not pay your program fees upfront, but reimburse you once you start your program in the United States.