Your Salary & Budget

Your salary will either be posted on the job offer or negotiated directly with the employer. All employers must pay you at least the legal Federal minimum wage (currently $7.25/hour).

Seasonal jobs are generally paid an hourly salary rate ranging between US$7.25 and $20 per hour plus tips that vary from 10% to 20% of the total client bill. By accepting a summer job with tip-earning possibilities, you can significantly increase your monthly earnings.

Even if the initial investment (program fees, visa fees and plane ticket) seems high, you will cover it in a short amount of time and make extra money for living, having fun and travelling!

Example: Telluride Ski & Golf Resort(employer listed on the Coolworks website)

Monthly Salary (tips not included) : $20/hr (40 hours per week) = $3200 per month.

Housing and Board are provided by the employer either at no charge or at a very low cost.

Program Fees
€1 400
For 5 months, insurance and SEVIS fees included
Visa Fee
Total Fees
€1 576

The price of your plane ticket, ranging approximately from £600 to £1000(or €800 to €1400) depending on the season and destination, will have to be added to the total fees above.

It should therefore take you between 6 and 10 weeks at most to cover your initial investment and travel costs.