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Parenthese does not impose a specific job or employer: We will help you and guide you, but you are also completely free to do your own research, consider different offers, negotiate the details of your job and your salary directly with the American employers and choose the job that best suits you. The possibilities are endless and finding a summer job is easy! Our experience shows us that participants find jobs within 7 to 14 days of active search.

If you haven’t already found your summer job, we are happy to help you free of charge. Contact us!

Begin by writing your resume (CV) and cover letter using the example below

On your resume, explain your educational background in detail. American employers do not know the European educational system. If your school or university has pages of their website in English, put these links on your resume.

It is essential to mention that you are intending to apply for a J-1 Work and Travel Visa through CIEE and that, as part of this program, CIEE will act as your legal sponsor. Moreover, companies may also be interested to learn that you will be provided with health and travel insurance as part of the CIEE program.

This information should be given to your potential employers during your initial contact with them to avoid any negative response.

Our partners

“Coolworks”, is one of the best sites for seasonal jobs in the USA. There are thousands of job offers available. You can simply apply online or email the employers directly; CoolWorks employers are extremely reactive and are aware of the J-1 Visa program. In addition, most of them provide room and board at very low cost.

Use the other resources around you : your school, friends, internet, personal and professional contacts, and don’t forget to check out our social media where you’ll frequently find job offers.