Eligibility criteria – Participant

You must

  • Have found a training opportunity related to your diploma or professional experience. The training must allow you to apply the knowledge acquired during your studies and develop or perfect your professional skills
  • Be a graduate of a non-American post-secondary institution with at least one year of full time work experience (again, outside the U.S.) related to your field of training and diploma (internships included) OR in the absence of a diploma, have five years of relevant work experience outside the U.S. after your 18th birthday (experiences as a freelance or business owner cannot be taken into account)
  • Be at least 20 years old
  • Have sufficient English language skills to function in a business setting
  • Be able to support yourself financially during the entire stay (minimum income of 1500 USD/month) or show equivalent financial guarantees (bank or family-related)


  • If you haven’t already found your employer, we are happy to help you free of charge. Contact us!
  • You can also test your eligibility by using our sponsor’s tool.
  • The age limit for this program is around 40. If you are older than 40, you’ll have to show supplementary documents proving your ties to your country of residence and convince the embassy of your intentions to return at the end of your program.
  • If you are still a student or if you graduated less than a year ago, you’re eligible for our Internship USA program.